Cheeses - Holker Hall


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The Food Hall stocks a range of traditionally made cheese which allows you to create the perfect cheeseboard or just select your preferred cheese for a delicious nibble.

We are very proud to stock the estate produced St James’ ewes milk cheese and the Brother David cows milk cheese, both made on the Holker Farm Dairy by Martin and Nicola. Both cheese are seasonally produced and have a distinctive flavour which matures over time, together with a smooth texture which just melts in the mouth.

One of our long time favourites is Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, this creamy traditional cheese is made near Preston on the Kirkham family farm. It has a mild but tangy flavour and eats well with virtually any accompaniment. Another locally made cheese which is gaining in popularity is the Prospect. This is made by Lynn near Wigton and is made from goats milk salt washed, drained and ready to eat immediately. It has a soft creamy texture with a light, slightly citrus flavour and is beautiful to the eye as well as the palate.

Also ranking high in the popularity stakes is the deeply veined creamy Stichelton. This is a delicious blue cheese made from raw cows milk by Joe on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. It has similar characteristics to a superior stilton but made outside the region, therefore does not come under the stilton flag. Its creamy texture and full flavour make it a continuing favourite with staff and customers!

A cheese selection wouldn’t be complete without a full tasting cheddar and ours is provided by the Keen Family. This is a traditional cheddar made from unpasteurised milk and natural rennet, on the family farm in Somerset. It has a firm texture and a rich flavour which changes with the seasons and the diet of the happy cows who produce the milk.

We endeavour to update and develop our cheese range as the seasons progress, so take a few minutes to come along and see what we have ~ we are always delighted to discuss individual cheeses and offer samples before you decide