History of the Food Hall - Holker Hall

History of the Food Hall

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The year was 2001, Cumbria was crippled by the onset of Foot and Mouth, it was at this time Lord and Lady Cavendish took a bold step, to help their tenant farmers. Focusing their attention on Holker Saltmarsh Lamb through the Estate and pushing forward a marketing campaign to sell the Estate's Saltmarsh lamb.

Their passion for local food then led to the development of Holker Food Hall to provide a market for their tenant farmers and local producers to sell their produce to a broader market. This provided something special for local residents, as well as visitors to the area.

The Food Hall was officially opened to the public on the 31st March 2004, although trading had commenced on the 1st of March. When the doors were opened the shelves were literally weighed down with locally produced breads, a variety of freshly prepared meats, a mouth-watering selection of cheese, olives and sun-dried tomatoes not forgetting confectionery, desserts, pasta, coffee, teas, puddings and much more.

Whilst every effort is made to source products from our own tenant farmers and local producers, we could not find everything in our own back yard. So we have ventured further a field to neighbouring counties. The food we sell is focused on the season so Holker Saltmarsh Lamb, Pheasant and Venison will be available at variable times through the year. To complement this fare there is a wide range of continental food.