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Saltmarsh Lamb

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Lamb from the saltmarshes of Normandy, known as Pré-salé, has long been regarded as a delicacy in French restaurants.  Naturally produced on land regularly inundated by the sea, it acquires a unique and striking flavour.  The taste derives from the diet of herbal grasses grazed by the lambs on the margins of the sea.  The high salt levels in the herbage cause subtle changes and far from tasting salty, the flavour is light and sweet.

Pré-salé or saltmarsh lamb is available directly from the Holker Estate in South Lakeland.  Some of our Estate tenant farmers have joined together in an initiative with the Estate to offer this distinctive, natural and high quality product to the wider market.  The lamb is produced on the saltmarshes around the Cartmel peninsula on Morecambe Bay, where the managed grazing makes a positive contribution to the marshland eco-system.  The lambs are free to roam over the saltmarshes and are only ever removed from the saltmarshes when there is the risk of an extremely high tide; otherwise they remain on the marsh for the entirety of the lives.

The Holker Saltmarsh Lamb is a seasonal product which is generally available from mid June to the end of November/early December and can be purchased directly from our Food Hall and from Booths supermarkets.  We also offer a mail order service for the purchase of either a half or a full lamb through the award winning Q Guild butcher, Higginsons of Grange over Sands, who is able to cut and package the half or full lambs to suit your taste, however there are various standard cuts offered through our Burlington and Cavendish range please click the links to find out more. 

Holker Saltmarsh Lamb: naturally reared on the Salt Marshes of the Cartmel Peninsula, South Lakeland. Food you can trust that provides a quality and distinctive eating experience; 100% Cumbrian

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Should you wish to order Holker Saltmarsh Lamb by mail order then please contact Higginsons Butchers direct on 015395 34367 or visit their newly launched website at However if you wish to obtain further information regarding the Holker Saltmarsh Lamb in general then please contact us at the address below:

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