The Education Room - Holker Hall

The Education Room

The Education Room is one of the outbuildings to the House at the back of the Gift Shop. The room is used mainly for the children to carry out the Interactive Activities, which have been chosen to fit in with the overall theme of the Victorian rebuilding of the Hall after the fire of 1871 and the life of the family who would live in such a Hall.

The room can also be used as a place where your pupils can leave their bags if you wish when they go to visit the House and Garden. There is a picnic area, but the Education Room can also be booked in advance if required for lunches, subject to availability.

Interactive Activities

Depending on your choice of visiting Holker for a full or half day, we can allocate tours and workshops for the age of your pupils. The tables and chairs are arranged into groups. There are resources for the room and these are designed to be used as part of a carousel of activities, with the pupils rotating round after 10-15 minutes or so on each activity. Each table should ideally be supervised by an adult who can lead the pupils investigations.

The Interactive Activities that are specifically curriculum linked include:

You can of course choose not to use the resources provided and use your own, or choose other activities to do in the room.