Introduction - Holker Hall


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Moving our heritage forward The Holker Group has an enviably deep heritage, so developing our branding has to be a matter of evolution, rather than revolution.

That’s why we took the time to think thoroughly about the history of the Holker Group and our ambitions, before actually putting pen to paper. 

The resulting identities fulfill the need to take our visual presence to the next level. Yet they do so without compromising Holker’s aura of permanence and continuity – which is an effectively priceless asset for our brand.

Our new brand guidelines are all about presenting Holker Group’s unique heritage as the central pillar of a forward looking group. 

At the same time, the guidelines also support and celebrate the individual personalities of the group companies. 

It’s important to note that these guidelines are just that; they’re only intended as an overall guide to our presentation consistency. They’re not written to be restrictive, and they can’t cover every application. So if ever you’re in doubt about something, don’t hesitate to call 015395 58328.

A strong family resemblance 

These guidelines have been created to allow us to express visually two important realities: that we are all individual companies, each with its own distinctive character that we are all part of the same group. 

Each of these Holker Group company identities has been developed to share a ‘family’ style. So long as we follow the guidelines in every communication, the strength and ‘stand-out’ of our brand will be maintained.

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