The Gallery - Holker Hall

The Gallery

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The long gallery was very much a feature of great Elizabethan houses, and here the idea has been interpreted by Victorian architects and craftsmen. It was in this gallery that the carpet bowls seen in the Billiards Room were used. Amongst the furniture are a black octagonal Derbyshire inlaid black polished limestone table, a Regency mahogany and satinwood desk, a display table containing a purse belonging to Georgiana, wife of the 5th Duke of Devonshire, and a mid-nineteenth-century English table with carved sphinx supporting an Italian top made up from 120 different squares of marble.

The walnut marquetry cabinet is English, early nineteenth century; it is inlaid with rosewood and ivory. The porcelain cyclamen in the display cabinet was made in a factory near Paris, part ownership of which was given by Louis XV to Madame de Pompadour. She is reputed to have ordered 2,000 porcelain pots of flowers to be planted in the gardens at Versailles overnight so the King would awake to see the garden in full bloom in midwinter.