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Summer Theatre in Holker Gardens

We’re excited to announce our calendar of theatre events through summer 2021!

Kicking us off are Pendle Productions with their renditions of Wind in the Willows showing on Saturday 5th June and The Railway Children on Sunday 6th June.

We will be making the most of our surroundings and the performances will take place nightly in the middle of Pagan’s Grove. Be sure to pack a picnic, blanket and your camp chairs to make the most of this wonderful outdoor experience for all the family.

Leading on from this sees the return of Events Live with their promenade production of ‘The Tales of Oz’ on Saturday 10th July. Your children will be swept away on a thrilling adventure with Dorothy Gale from Kansas, along the yellow brick road to the magical Land of Oz, all set in the backdrop of our stunning gardens.
Meet the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man as they join Dorothy in this moving theatre. The whole gardens are the stage and your little Munchkins will literally travel with Dorothy to find the Wizard in the Emerald City. Can he help her return home and help her friends too? Sing along to ‘We’re off to see the Wizard…’, ‘Over the Rainbow’ and other iconic songs from the film.

Will the wicked witch meet her fate and deliver Dorothy the famous Ruby slippers? Join us with your children and make sure she does in this unmissable summer garden theatre experience!

And if you’re looking for something to entertain the whole family during the summer holidays, be sure to book in for ‘Once upon a Crime’ – our first murder mystery through the gardens will be happening on Wednesday 11th August.

Once Upon A Time, in Story Book Land, The Cursed Book of Villainy was stolen and whoever has it holds the power to take over the world! The only people who may be able to stop this dastardly deed are… other villains, and they need your help to find out who has the book before it’s too late!

Get your super-sleuth skills at the ready and prepare for a quizzical quest as you play detective in order to solve the mystery and uncover the culprit who committed this confounding crime. Once you embark on your adventure, you’ll get the opportunity to seek out characters to question, uncover clues and unravel riddles to reveal which of the Fairy Tale Villains carried out the dastardly deed.

Part Mystery, part Scavenger Hunt and Treasure Trail, this interactive event is fun for all the family. Just make sure that your brain doesn’t get too teased and your mind too boggled whilst you seek out the solution and head towards your happily ever after!

Tickets are available in advance on our website (click here) and we advise booking to avoid disappointment! For ‘The Tales of Oz’ follow this link and you will be directed straight to their website. Information for each event is as follows:

Wind in the Willows – Saturday 5th June / The Railway Children – Sunday 6th June
Location: Pagans Grove
Suitable for children aged 3+
Gates at 5pm / Performance start at 6pm
Tickets: £11 per adult / £6 per child / £30 per family (x2 adults & x2 children)
Weekend tickets are available: £20 per adult / £10 per child / £45 per family (x2 adults & x2 children)
Run times – est. 1hr & 15mins

The Tales of Oz – Saturday 10th July
Location: Holker Gardens – interactive moving theatre show
Suitable for children from aged 3+. Children will become part of the show and lead with the characters to each scene as they involve them in every step of the way.
Tickets available here
Start times – 10.00am / 12.00pm / 2.30pm / 4.30pm
Run Times – est. 1hr & 15mins

Once upon a Crime – Wednesday 11th August
Location: Holker Gardens – interactive moving theatre show
Suitable for children aged 6+
Start times – 12.00pm / 12.15pm / 12.30pm
Tickets – £15 per adults / £5 per child / £35 per family (x2 adults & x2 children)
Run Times – average 1hr & 30mins