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Fairies & Trolls return!

Their hibernation is officially over! 

There have been murmurings in the trees, whisperings in the woods and traces of tiny footprints in our Gardens. The fairies & trolls have returned and are back to their mischievous ways, teasing our gardeners and playing with the wildlife. 

We need your help to see how many of the tiny creatures you can find. Their Kingdoms have once again unveiled themselves and now is the perfect opportunity to see what they have been up to! 

Grab your trail sheet from the kiosk when you arrive to see if you can find everything. Be sure to grab your ribbon too and hold this tight! There is the mystical meadow at the end of the trail with a magical gate. Tie your ribbon to the gate and make a wish. Keep your wish secret so it comes true and the trolls can’t sneak away with it! 

The Fairy & Troll trail is free with every garden ticket purchased (tickets available here) and is running up until the end of the season (7th November). All children go free and is the perfect way to spend a morning, afternoon or entire day. 

Tag us in on your adventures so we can keep track of the mischief-makers by using the hashtags:

#Holkerhall #fairiesandtrolls