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Chilli Fest 2021 – we did it!

Chilli Fest 2021 ended with a bang!

What a weekend we had celebrating our last ever Chilli Fest – as we know it! Over 60 stalls of local artisans selling everything from chilli plants and chilli seeds, to hand crafted items, soaps and dog wear. Not to mention all the incredible food and drink on offer. Children’s entertainment in the form of fairground rides, a face painter, chilli trail around the gardens and a piñata smash at 3pm each day kept the little ones entertained and families coming through in their droves. You all must have been putting your ch8ildren through a rigorous training programme through the pandemic – the swings at our chilli piñata were something to behold!

Talking of rigorous training programmes, chilli eating must have become a hobby during the various lockdowns as 2021 saw two of the best chilli eating competitions we have EVER had. Saturday saw three people reach the final round, eating a Carolina Reaper – the hottest chilli pepper in the world right now reaching an insane 1.5million scovilles on the scoville unit! One gent bowed out in third place (quiet wise too) as we went into a head to head with who could eat the most chilli’s in one minute! How they still had taste buds left we could not tell you! Sunday was just as entertaining within not a single contestant raising their white flag until round seven! We almost thought we had another head to head on our hands until the heat got too much and the last champion was crowned one minute after eating a Carolina Reaper!

We want to thank each and every one of you for coming through and visiting and supporting us here at Holker, as well as all of our traders. So much time and effort goes into the planning of these events, even more so considering the times we are still living in and to see so many people out and enjoying themselves again makes every second worth it.

2021 may have been the last Chilli Fest as we know it, but keep your eyes peeled on our website and social pages for information on how the event is coming back next year with a twist.