Published: 13 November 2023

If you’re hosting a special event, finding the right venue can make a massive difference. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, memorial or works do, the venue can impact the ambience, attendance, and the overall success of the occasion. So, what should you be thinking about when looking for the perfect event venue in Cumbria?

What You Need to Look for When Seeking an Event Venue in Cumbria

There are a whole range of factors that will influence whether a venue is right for your event. But it’s usually a good idea to start by looking at these seven considerations.

Amenities and services

While you might, sometimes, just need a space to host your event, for special occasions, you’ll often need other amenities and services. So, think about your requirements.

·        Do you need catering?

·        If not, do you need tables, chairs, and linen, and are they provided?

·        Do you need help setting up?

·        Is table service available?

·        Would you prefer a buffet?

·        Is a clear up service offered?

·        Is audio-visual equipment provided or do you need to bring your own?

·        If you wish to host an outdoor event, will a marquee be available? Is there a contingency if the weather is bad?

·        What are the lavatory facilities like?

·        Is there a choice of rooms?

At Holker Hall, we offer a complete range of event packages, including indoor and outdoor options. Enabling you to make the most of our beautiful home and gardens. And providing endless photo opportunities.


If you want a good turn out for your event, choosing the right location can be vital. That doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a site within a town or city. But somewhere that is easily accessible, with plenty of parking. For weddings, it may also be a good idea to choose a venue that can provide accommodation for the principal players, and anyone who may need to travel a significant distance to be there. Less than 17 miles from Windermere, Holker Hall isn’t a central location, but it is easily accessible by road from many of the major towns in Cumbria and the surrounding areas. Self-catering cottages are available onsite.


Of course, there are a lot of factors that will influence the ambience of an event. But it’s really important to visit a venue before you book it, if you want to ensure that it feels right for your special occasion. Think about the vibe you’re wanting to create. And weigh this up against how the venue looks – the architecture, decor, and lighting. And whether you’re able to add your own decorations. If you’re hosting a smaller event, do they have a room that can help you feel cosy? For larger events, are you looking for somewhere that can make the event feel intimate, or are you wanting something airier?

Venue size

Knowing the capacity of your venue is really important. Not only to allow for comfortable celebrations. But to ensure that you don’t breach health and safety regulations (your venue will police this). But while you don’t want a venue that is too small, somewhere that is too large, can seriously impact ambience. So, working with a venue that can offer a range of spaces of varying sizes, can give you the freedom to plan your event exactly as you wish it to be.

Venue layout

Equally, a venue that is shaped so that guests feel disconnected, or that traffic can’t easily flow, can be annoying. It can also dampen the mood. So, have a clear idea of what you want to happen at your event, including any activities – eating, dancing, speeches, presentations, games for kids, other entertainment – and select somewhere that can easily accommodate your plans. At Holker Hall, for example, you might book the Ilex restaurant for a formal meal and the Bess & Barrel bar for afterwards. Or, for a larger event, you might choose the gardens, where you can set up a play area for kids as well as more grownup entertainment and refreshments.


Before booking any venue, it’s important to understand whether they are able to support accessibility for anyone with special needs. Be that mobility issues, pushchair access, or disabled toilets.

Set in the breath-taking Cumbrian countryside, with stunning gardens and a 25-acre deer park, Holker Hall is a neo-Victorian country house. Situated just over a mile from the medieval village of Cartmel, it could provide the perfect venue for your next event.

Come for a visit, or get in touch with Holker Hall to find out more.