Published: 04 October 2023

It’s easy to picture the perfect wedding venue in late spring or summer. Blue skies, bird song, trees in leaf, and flowers in bloom. But what if your wedding doesn’t fit into that very small window? At Holker Hall, we can take your wedding to the next level of loveliness, at any time of the year.

Holker Hall Through the Seasons


There is always a subtle beauty to springtime. And in the Holker Hall gardens, there are plenty of gems to be found. Our favourite venue for late spring weddings has to be the Bluebell Woods. With the fuzzy green canopy just beginning to open overhead, and the dusty blue at your feet, the woodland is a magical place to be. But before the bluebells come other spring bulbs, and in amongst the fresh green foliage, you’ll find crocus, muscari, iris, narcissus, tulip, and allium, surrounded by a sea of forget-me-nots, while a cloud of apple blossom hangs overhead. Everything is clean, and bright, and new, carrying the perfect sense of hope that comes with all weddings.


Summer is clearly the season of the garden. With flowers everywhere you look, any one of the Holker Hall formal gardens could provide an incredible setting for your wedding – ceremony, photos, reception, the lot. All you have to do is decide which setting (and which flowers) suit you best. Do you like the formality of the Elliptical Garden’s topiary? The bold blousiness of the Summer Garden with its froth of colour and frills? The calmer aesthetic of the Sunken Garden? Or the cheerful wildness of the Meadow? We can serve your guests indoors or out, maximising the potential of those long summer nights, as you enjoy everything that Holker Hall has to offer.


When autumn’s dew bejewels the grass of the lawns and meadows, there is still plenty to see at Holker Hall. With their flowers long gone, the leaves of rhododendrons take centre stage, in hues of vibrant yellow and orange, while the trees compete for splendour. The summer garden sits in stillness, denuded of its earlier glory, and yet retains a stately presence. While the sunken garden still wows, with late-flowering blooms. And of course, in the Hall, we have hospitality on tap. Our Dining Hall is at your service. And we have rooms available for overnight guests.


In the colder months, most of your celebrations will be conducted indoors. But with its striking neo-Elizabethan architecture, sweeping staircase, and open fireplaces, Holker Hall has a lot to offer. Our Drawing Room and Library are popular for exchanging vows. The Main Hall and Billiard Room are perfect for mingling. And our chefs ensure that our Dining Room is never a disappointment. But even when the weather is doing its worst, our gardens have a lot to give. Frost and snow bring a certain majesty to the meadows and labyrinth. The topiary of the Elliptical Garden stands proud even when the rain pours. And with evergreens, berries, statuesque trees, and the occasional winter bloom, there is always something worth seeing.

It’s not an easy decision, choosing when to get married. Every season has its pros and its cons. But at least, when you choose Holker Hall for your venue, you know that you’ll always find something truly special, whatever the season or weather.

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