Published: 26 February 2024

Calling out fellow nature enthusiasts! Gardens aren’t just for us humans, they can also be home to many feathered friends. Ever thought about turning your garden space into a bird-friendly heaven? Well the good news is that it’s super easy to achieve. This is a chance for you and your little ones to get closer to nature, whilst doing something fun and creative. Take a look at some of our tips for getting the ball rolling, and let your imagination run wild.

How To Welcome Your Feathered Friends to the Neighbourhood

A Feast of Feeders & Plants

Just like the rest of us, birds enjoy a good old feast. Try and spread out a good couple of bird feeders across your garden, which will become a big favourite for birds. Fill these feeders full of seeds, and you will see returning visitors. Also, induce a variety of bird-friendly plants and trees, such as sunflowers, coneflowers, and berry bushes, for more natural feeding.

Cosy Accommodation

Want your little friends to stay for a night or two? Look at purchasing or even building your own birdhouses or nests. Birds are always looking for places where they can rest up and lay their eggs, so strategically place one or two resting spots around quiet areas of your garden. If you’re building a birdhouse, this is your chance to get creative with the design and painting. Your little ones will love this activity!

A Splash of Spa Fun

We like to think of birds coming home after a long day and running a bath, just like us! Well, okay, maybe not exactly like us, but the point still stands! Create a bird spa by incorporating a bird bath into your garden’s architecture. Just make sure that you keep it clean and change the water regularly – after all, no one likes a grimy bathroom.

Colourful Plant Palette

Who knew birds were attracted to vibrant colours? Well, they actually are! If you fancy getting your hands dirty then look to plant a variety of beautiful flowers, creating both an eye-catching peaceful garden that is also a bird magnet. Take a look at the Holker Hall gardens for example, where birds and humans alike are mesmerised.

Adventurous Apparatus

Birds love to explore, but if we’re being honest, they aren’t always the best navigators. Help them out by creating a fun and adventurous pathway or two around the garden. Avoid dense and tall obstacles that may hinder their flight paths. Think open spaces with a variety of perching spots.

Follow our playful tips, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your garden into a bustling bird sanctuary. Remember, creating a bird-friendly garden is not just about attracting these winged wonders but also about fostering a harmonious ecosystem. And most importantly, have fun while creating!

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