Published: 15 January 2024

At Holker Hall, we’re always looking for ways to show our appreciation to our regular visitors. That’s why, for 2024, we are launching an exciting new membership deal. So, if you love Holker Hall and Gardens as much as we do, you should probably find out more!

The Holker Hall 2024 Membership Deal – What Do You Need to Know?

What do you get with Holker Hall’s 2024 membership?

The Holker Hall 2024 membership brings a range of benefits, including:

  • Free admission to the Hall and Gardens during the open season.
  • 10% discount in the Courtyard Cafe, Holker Gift shop, and ‘A Day’s Walk’ food hall.
  • 20% discount on admission to the Hall and Gardens for up to 4 people when accompanied by the cardholder.
  • Admission to the Spring Fair and Winter Market.

Why should you purchase a Holker Hall membership?

If you enjoy a visit to Holker Hall and would like to come more often, our membership offer could save you money. Whether you want to soak up some history, view the gardens in every season, or simply enjoy a quiet afternoon in the countryside from time to time, Holker membership has a lot to offer. And if you enjoy the treats available in our café and food hall, the discount makes things even better!

Why visit Holker Hall?

If you have visited Holker Hall and Gardens already, you can probably answer that question for yourself! But, just in case you need a little reminder, here are some of our favourite things to see.

The gardens

Whether it’s the formal gardens, the wildflower meadow, the bluebell wood, or our seasonal floral displays, Holker’s gardens are a treat for the senses the whole year through. We have topiary, water features, and sweet little surprises around every corner, including some incredible art installations. So, whether you’re looking for an explosion of springtime colour or the quietude of the winter garden at rest, Holker will deliver.

The fallow deer

While the gardens are stunning, providing something new to see through every season, it’s the fallow deer who really steal the show. Making Holker the ideal destination for anyone who enjoys getting back to nature. With 200 acres to explore and some gorgeous residents to admire, we simply adore our little friends who habitat the area.

The hall

Holker Hall can offer you a walk through history. Dating back to the early 16th century, with a partial rebuild in 1871, the Hall has an incredibly rich heritage. And with many artifacts on display alongside the main building’s beautiful architecture, the Hall is worth more than a single visit. Book a tour as many times as you wish for the hall’s full effect.

All the little extras

Whether it’s the café, the farm shop, or one of our popular events (such as the spring fair), there’s so much more to Holker than just the hall and gardens. The café is full of homemade treats, the gift shop and food hall have locally sourced goodies to suit every taste. And with a discount for Holker members, everything you order will be all the sweeter!

At Holker Hall, we truly value every visitor. Without you, we simply couldn’t keep the Hall to its existing standards. The Holker Membership offer is our way of saying ‘thank you for your continued support’. We really hope it helps to make 2024 that little more beautiful for you!

If you’d like to take advantage of Holker Hall and Gardens 2024 Membership, simply follow this link.