Published: 12 September 2023

When it comes to your wedding, it’s almost all about the venue and looking your best for those all-important photographs. After all, they’re going to be framed and shown to the family for years to come! At Holker Hall, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect place for photos. The hall has numerous classy rooms as well as stunning gardens for those perfect pictures.

The Main Hall

Built in the 16th century, Holker Hall has countless room’s themed from that of the Victorian period, seemingly as an almost untouched piece of history. Starting of with the main hall of the building. The room is filled with many props for photos. Whether you choose to include the great grand piano, the timeless chandelier or the rich historic paintings, you really can achieve an elegant outcome with your wedding photo’s here.

The Staircase

Have you ever watched those films where the princess walks down the staircase all glammed up in the most beautiful of dresses? Well, now it’s your turn to be that princess. The Hall’s tall and windy rustic staircase is perfect for recreating those fairy-tale-like entrance scenes. Covered in carved-out patterns and a velvet blue carpet, this is more than just a staircase.

The Fountain

Going over to the exterior of the Hall, there are just as many fantastic spots for wedding photographs. The fountain portion of the grounds is covered with intricate design, whether it’s the fountain itself, the rual steps, or the abstract sculpture that stands neatly at the top. Not to mention the lovely foliage that surrounds this place, which serves as a lovely backdrop for those desired shots.

Bluebell Woods

Want to get a bit closer to nature? If so, the bluebell woods are what you are looking for. Its picturesque scenery is just as gorgeous every season, all year round. What makes this woodland so popular for wedding photos is the blanket of bluebells that covers the landscape. Perfect for incorporating extra colour into your shots.

The Sunken Garden

Named the ‘romantic sunken garden, this area of the hall’s grounds is perfect for those flowery, classy photos. Spanning across the vast scale of the ground, you will find numerous flowers and foliage of different colours, shapes, and sizes. An Absoulte dream for those natural vibes.